We shall welcome any one who is interested to work with us as Partner. This can be for both Bike sector and Car sector. Minimum requirements for the Partners or Fleet Owners should be as below:

  1. Promo/discount: Rather than fighting on price, we will provide enormous number of other facilities to our partners which will differentiate "Let's GO" than others. There would be huge promo and discount facilities while partners are with us. We have the "Cash Back" facilities in respect of target based offer. We have the "Loyalty Program" where partners will have points and these points are redeemable. We have Nepal & Thailand visit for top earners also. All the promo and offer will be delivered while registration and by SMS/notification.
  2. Insurance: We understand that value of life can't be cover up with price/money but "Let's GO" just wants to stand beside the family. For each Biker we have Life Insurance coverage of BDT 3, 00,000 f. For each Car Driver we have accidental life insurance coverage of BDT 5, 00,000. This insurance will be for one year which is auto renewable till all bikers and drivers remain with "Let's GO"
  3. Yearly BRTA registration Cost: As per the government law, to drive a Bike or Car with Ride sharing company there will be a registration cost. According to BRTA Ride Sharing draft policy yearly registration cost for a Bike is BDT 800 and For a Car BDT 1200. "Let's GO" will pay all the registration cost including renewal for the Bike and Cars who will remain as partners.
  4. Recovery team: "Let's GO" have 24/7 Recovery team stands by at our office. Whenever any Bike or Car ask for help for instant repair or recovery that will be provided. Recovery Team  will be with Motorcycle to reach spot very fast and if that is beyond local repair a recovery pick will reach to rescue the Bike/Car and taken to workshop.
  5. Legal and Compliance team: "Let's GO" have Legal and Compliance team stand by at office for any sorts of legal assistance. Whenever any partners call for the help the team will reach shortest possible time by Bike.
  6. Dedicated Call Centre for Partners: "Let's GO" have one dedicated call centre with auto hunting number only for the Partners. They can call any time for all types of assistance they need and we have call forwarding facilities so that partners can talk to any one of our dedicated staffs.
  7. CSR Program (Corporate Social Responsibility): "Let's GO" have created a separate account to work of CSR. Initially this fund will be utilized for hospitalization, treatment abroad, education for children, Marriage of dependent, Natural disaster and where ever is necessary.
  8. Higher purchase facilities to purchase Bike & Car: Initially we are availing these facilities for our own Bike and Car. Within next few months we shall have the facilities where a Biker or Driver can purchase his/her own Bike or Car by higher purchase method by depositing certain amount as down payment. Mainly bank/financial company or Bike/Car manufacturing company will provide such facilities. "Let's GO" will act as third party Guarantor to facilitate the Higher Purchase procedure.