Let’s GO

As a sister concern of ARS Consortium Ltd. - “Let’s GO” has started its journey in the apps based ride sharing space of Bangladesh (Dhaka) covering both the two wheeler (motor bike) and four wheeler (primarily cars).

Dhaka city is truly over crowded. More over due to limited space, new roads construction is difficult thus day by day too much traffic are seen on road and had to face traffic jam hours together. In the recent survey it was found that 3.2 million working hours have been wasted every day at Dhaka because of intolerable traffic jam. "Let's GO" aspires to solve this massive problem with affordable, easy and safe ride sharing service. "Let's GO" will strive maximum utilization of routine playing vehicle and connect the interested passengers.

We would like to extend our hands and join with Honorable Prime Minister to attain goal of Vision 2021. Our Big fleet of Bikes and Cars are always ready to provide outstanding level of ride sharing service to our desired customer and make the city commuting experience as soothing as possible. "Let's GO" would also take the pride for creating large pool of jobs for young people in the ride sharing space and committed to enlarge this opportunity by offering other related services in Dhaka as well as outside Dhaka. “Let’s GO” aims to make a difference in people’s life through technology & we will continue to do that.